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Individually wrapped Waggoner Chocolates available in five stores

Liquid Caramel Mk

A trip to Royer’s just got a little sweeter.

We’ve added delicious Waggoner Chocolates to the offerings at our Camp Hill, Carlisle, Lancaster North, Lancaster West and Lebanon locations.

There are nine different individually wrapped chocolate candies from which to choose: large pretzels, pecan caramel dainties, caramels with sea salt, coconut clusters, and marshmallow are $1 each; peanut butter buckeyes, liquid caramels, mint meltaways, and pretzel clusters are 50 cents apiece.

You can mix and match for $18.99 per pound.

Waggoner Chocolates has a rich family history that’s not lost on a fourth-generation company such as Royer’s.

Harry Alfred London, who grew up in western Pennsylvania, quit school in the fourth grade to help support his family by working in a steel mill. In his spare time, he continued a family tradition of making handcrafted chocolates, using London-family recipes that had been handed down for generations.

In 1922, at age 22, Harry quit the mill to start a chocolate business in the basement of his home in Canton, Ohio. By 1954, Harry and his wife built London’s Candies’ first factory at 1281 S. Main St., North Canton.

Fast forward to 2003, when London’s Candies was sold. It was then that Harry’s grandson, Joe Waggoner, started Waggoner Chocolates, which operates from the original family factory.

Today, Waggoner produces more than 100 varieties of chocolates and seasonal confections, selling to customers in the United States, Canada, Europe and China.

And now Waggoner Chocolates are available at Royer’s.

The same freshness that you associate with our flowers you can expect from Waggoner. Our chocolate is made to order, and then we pick it up ourselves to ensure that it is as fresh as can be for our stores.

We hope you’ll try some and let us know what you think about it.