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We’ll make your wedding day: flowers customized to your vision and budget


The HGTV series “Property Brothers” always starts with a couple oohing and ahhing over a gorgeous home that, ultimately, they can’t afford.

Never fear, the twin-brother hosts help the couple find a fixer-upper that affordably mimics their dream home.

That dynamic is not unlike what we encounter with some prospective brides who come to us with photos of gorgeous photos they’ve found online, such as on Pinterest. Sometimes the flowers in those photos are more expensive than a wedding budget will allow.

Erica Bixby, store manager for us in Hershey, cited the example of a bride who fancies peonies.

“Well, they’re available in the spring, but in the winter you’re going to pay five times the amount for them,” Erica explained. “But there are flowers that we could get in that could create that look.”

Peonies in the winter might run $25 per stem. As an alternative, she suggested polo roses, which open like peonies.

“It’s very pretty, and it’s more affordable,” she said.

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Erica and the rest of Royer’s wedding designers can customize a wedding plan that captures the bride’s vision but also falls within her budget.

“You can have centerpieces and bouquets and boutonnieres and everything you need, but sometimes your vision might be $20,000,” Erica said. “Well, I can create that vision for you for less.”

Royer’s has more than 30 designers and store managers trained in weddings, many of them with 25 or more years of experience. In a single year, we’ll serve more than 500 brides, big wedding (photos above and video below) or small, start to finish.

We offer wedding packages, but we also do lots of custom work. For instance, Beth Ruf, wedding designer at our Lancaster North store, helped bride-to-be Valerie Beyer with her “Alice in Wonderland” theme.


Royer’s wedding consultations are free.

Erica said most wedding work begins with a phone call. She will ask the bride-to-be a series of questions: name, wedding date, venue, vision. If the future bride has pictures that capture her vision, she can email them to Erica ahead of their consultation or bring them to the appointment.

Erica also keeps her own book of ideas. She sets aside an hour for each consultation and recommends three months for planning purposes; flowers are ordered one month prior to wedding day.

“Everything should be finalized a month before your wedding,” she said, “but three months gives us enough time if you want anything out of the ordinary.”

Whether it’s Erica and Stephanie Allen in Hershey, Beth Ruf at Lancaster North, or a wedding consultant at any of our other stores, you can find contact information for them here.

Our wedding consultants are always happy to answer any questions that brides may have. 

Valerie’s wedding ‘Wonderland’

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Valerie Beyer married Patrick Tully on March 14, 2015. The Lancaster County couple held their wedding and reception at Pheasant Run Farm.

Having just celebrated her first anniversary with Patrick, Valerie spoke with us about the inspiration behind her “Alice in Wonderland” theme and about working with Beth Ruf, wedding designer at our Lancaster North store.

The bouquets comprised orange gerberas, orange alstroemeria, hot-pink roses, hot-pink carnations and lime-green button poms, with ti leaves looped around the outer edges like a collar. Two topiaries adorned the altar. The centerpieces were the main attraction.

What inspired your wedding theme?

Patrick knew I loved “Alice in Wonderland,” so being the creative person he is decided to propose to me with that in mind. The night he proposed, he placed an image on my car windshield of White Rabbit and a clock from the book and a handwritten note: “You’re late, you’re late for a very important date.”

I arrived at Patrick’s parents’ house to find a kitchen side table with lit candles and the “Alice in Wonderland” book on it. There were lights hanging from the wall leading to the basement. As I walked down the stairs and around the corner, there was Patrick on one knee.

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What led you to Royer’s for your flowers?

We stopped in the Royer’s near my parents’ house one day to talk about flower arrangements for my wedding, and they suggested going in town to talk to Beth Ruf because she is super-experienced, creative and passionate. The Lancaster North store was convenient, and Beth’s willingness to set up my flowers was a big plus to relieve some stress on me.

What are your memories of the flowers at your wedding and the reception?

Just extremely beautiful! That is all that comes to mind.

You had roses made from musical note paper. What’s the story behind that?

That was my idea. My husband is a huge music lover, and I just wanted something in my bouquet and his boutonniere to connect the both of us as one.

Can you describe what it was like working with Beth?

Amazing! Perfect! Beth was willing to do whatever to make my special day perfect. There were a few times where I thought I was being a little too picky, but she was willing to make those changes while always keeping the customer (me) in mind.

Photos courtesy of A Reflection by Sherry


Our proposal: join us Feb. 21 at wedding shows in Mechanicsburg and York


Here come the brides-to-be — and we’ll be there to greet them Feb. 21 at two area wedding shows.

5401 Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg

We’ll be among more than 45 vendors from noon to 3 p.m. at this event, hosted by Weddings Harrisburg and Park Inn Harrisburg West, where Royer’s is a preferred floral vendor.

Click here for more event details, including tickets.

2000 Loucks Road, York

We’ll be at Wyndham Garden York from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Look for our garden theme and free mini-bouquets for prospective brides, while supplies last.

Click here for details and tickets.

Outdoor weddings, weather and having a Plan B


On this particular September wedding day, the misty weather presented some logistical challenges for the bride and groom.

The ceremony that had been planned for a beautiful garden had to be moved indoors on short notice. A ballroom had to be transformed into a beautiful garden setting, complete with an arch and flower-festooned aisle.

As they say, into every life some rain must fall. And it was a good reminder that weather is one variable that no one controls, no matter how good of a wedding planner he or she is.

If you want an outdoor wedding, it’s best to have a Plan B just in case. We all know how variable the weather can be in Pennsylvania, after all.

A number of years ago, the Farmers’ Almanac solicited submissions for its “Worst Wedding Weather Contest.” After Texas and Florida, Pennsylvania tied Ohio and Indiana for the most submissions.

Couples from those states “have experienced the soggiest, snowiest, windiest, most hurricane-hampered and hail-ridden wedding weather,” according to the Farmers’ Almanac.

In fact, a Philadelphia-area couple won the contest’s grand prize (a warm-weather cruise) with a tale of how a record snowfall interrupted their wedding plans.

Many factors to consider

So what should you consider when it comes to creating that Plan B for your outdoor wedding? There are many factors, none more important than the safety and well-being of the wedding couple and their guests.

An article from wedding expert Nina Callaway offers “10 tips for the perfect outdoor wedding.”

Of course, we’re pretty protective of the flowers, too.

We were on hand for that misty September wedding mentioned above. Being a perishable product, flowers require a tender touch. While do-it-yourself can be tempting when it comes to flowers (and other aspects of a wedding), it’s also comforting when a professional is on hand, in good weather and bad.

A florist will ensure that your flowers look their beautiful best. Unlike the weather, this is an aspect of your wedding that you can control.

See you March 1 at free ‘Best of Lancaster’ wedding planning event

We hope to see you March 1 when we participate in Brent L. Miller Jewelers & Goldsmiths’ free “Best of Lancaster” wedding planning event.


Gregory Royer from our Lancaster West store will be on hand for the event, which runs from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 1610 Manheim Pike, Lancaster.

Everyone who attends will be eligible to win prizes valued at more than $5,000 from the participating businesses. Royer’s will be giving away a bridal bouquet valued at $125.

For more information, visit

Of course, the Royer’s team is always eager to assist with your wedding needs. You’ll find lots of great resources here.


101 The Rose Bridal Party

Join us Sunday, January 18, 2015 from Noon to 3pm for 101 The Rose Bridal Party at the Eden Resort in Lancaster, PA. View the latest trends in wedding flowers and learn how we can help make your walk down the aisle spectacular.

Dream Weddings PA will bring back their spectacular Grand Prize Wedding Giveaway for the 4th year in a row. The Grand Prize Wedding will be given to one lucky couple at the end of the show! Every registered bride will automatically be entered, every PRE-REGISTERED bride will be entered TWICE (pre-registration ends Friday 1/16 at 2PM)!

We’ll walk down the aisle with you on your wedding day

Talk about a night at the museum. Instead of historical figures coming to life, this is a story about a would-be florist providing flowers for a wedding at a museum.

She left the flowers overnight in the museum’s old refrigerator – and they were frozen solid the morning of the wedding.

Not only are we familiar with this story, we lived it. At least the part where the woman came to us in a panic, and we made all-new bouquets, corsages and boutonnières in time for the nuptials.

It certainly wasn’t the first time we repaired or made new bouquets on short notice for a bride who bought her flowers elsewhere and was disappointed. Nor is it the only way that we can help to make a wedding day a little more special.

Wedding packages

We’ve been fortunate to provide flowers to many big weddings, but the typical expenditure for wedding flowers is between $400 and $1,000. We also offer affordable wedding packages.

Typically, we deliver two hours before a wedding to make sure that everything is where it should be.

Nine-piece rose wedding package.
Nine-piece rose wedding package.

Wedding service

We also offer a wedding service – for a fee, in some cases – that arrives an hour prior to the exchange of vows and stays until the bride has walked through the door and down the aisle.

A trained wedding consultant helps everyone with their flowers – and brings along a toolbox to help with just about any other need that might arise:

• Such as the time that the flower girl gave an enthusiastic hug to the bride, who was left with a nice bright lipstick stain in the middle of the gown. No problem. Our consultant pulled out her stain stick and removed the blemish.

• Or the time that the bride’s gown zipper ripped just before the wedding. Our consultant reached for her needle and thread.

• And the icing on the cake with all of this? It was the time that our consultant helped to ice the wedding cake moments before the reception.

Royer’s joins Fox 43 for ‘Wedding Week’

You’ve found Mr. Right, but understand that there’s no wrong when it comes to your wedding flowers.

That’s the message that Barry Spengler, Royer’s vice president of operations, conveyed during his “Wedding Week” appearance on Fox 43.

Five or 10 years ago, for instance, few brides-to-be would have thought of combining lime green and pink. Not so today.

“If I can get through anything, there’s no wrong,” Barry said, “and, frankly, it looks really cool.”

You can view Barry’s interview with Fox 43’s Andrea Michaels in the two segments below.

Meanwhile, click here for wedding resources on our website.

Bridal album: photos from Weddings Year Round bridal show

Looking for ideas for your upcoming nuptials? Perhaps you’ll find inspiration from these photos from Weddings Year Round’s bridal show, held Jan. 19 at Eden Resorts & Suites in Lancaster. The centerpiece of the event was a live wedding, for which Royer’s provided the ceremony and reception flowers.

You’ll find more information about wedding packages and other wedding resources on our website. We look forward to assisting with your special day.

Design conference inspires new wedding ideas

We have some exciting news to share with you about our wedding plans.

Not a specific wedding, mind you, but rather the new wedding styles and flowers that we’re working to offer brides and grooms.

If you’ve followed this blog, you know about the extra effort – namely, regular trips to South America – we make to ensure the highest-quality flowers for our customers.

Similarly, earlier this year we sent several Royer’s representatives to a wedding design conference offered by floral wholesaler Florabundance Inc. The event, called “Inspirational Design Days,” took place on Dos Pueblos Ranch, overlooking the Pacific Ocean near Santa Barbara, Calif.

Cheryl Brill, Royer’s vice president of retail operations, was joined on the trip by Holly Newpower and Jennifer Stout, Royer’s store managers at Camp Hill and Shillington, respectively.

The experience gave them an opportunity to work with beautiful product that they typically don’t handle, Cheryl said, and to design in a natural, unconstructed way without concern for budgets, costs or recipes.

The participants designed wedding bouquets; beachside ceremony decorations; and a 30-foot-long centerpiece comprising mossy birch branches, strands of ivy gathered in the adjoining woods, and small vintage vases filled with groupings of garden roses, tulips, cut hyacinths, clematis, accented with candelabra and votive candles.

It was akin to a spa day for florists – or what Cheryl called a “guiltless playground.”

As a next step, we’re training our wedding consultants on the flowers and styles exhibited at the Florabundance seminar. We’re also redesigning the wedding content on

Our intent is to provide more options for our wedding-planning customers.

“We must serve our more traditional customers as we always have,” Cheryl said, “while still keeping abreast of the newest trends in the industry. Inspirational Design Days was a great opportunity to do just that.”