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  • Revive your roses with these easy steps

    Even when handled with great care, the heads of your beautiful roses could drop over within a few days of receiving a bouquet. It’s not that the flowers are old. Rather, it’s likely that an air bubble got stuck in the stem, preventing water from […]

  • Our flowers are rooted in many places around the world

    North America to South America. Europe, Africa and Asia. Oh, the places we’ll go to procure high-quality flowers. We’ve previously told you about our regular trips to Bogota, Colombia, which has an ideal climate for growing roses, for instance. Here’s a sampling of other flowers […]

  • The making of our ‘Thoughts of You’ arrangement

    Among the thousands of Valentine’s Day arrangements we’ll be making this year is one called Thoughts of You, which this team was handcrafting in our central design department in Lebanon. This arrangement features shades of pink comprising a rose, alstroemeria, carnations and mini carnations, as […]

  • Postcard from South America: Day 3

    Day 3 found Tom Royer and Geoff Royer again in Bogota, again inspecting Valentine’s Day roses, this time at the Multiflora farm. “The quality was very good from what we saw,” Geoff said. “It’s impossible to look at every bunch we get, but we make […]

  • Postcard from South America: Day 2

    We started Tom Royer and nephew Geoff Royer’s trip to Colombia, South America, in the city of Medellin. Day 2 found them some 335 miles southwest in Bogota, the nation’s capital. Bogota sits in the center of Colombia, on a high-altitude plateau that provides year-round […]

  • Postcard from South America: Medellin flower farms

    While they’re getting ready to play a big football game in Houston, Royer’s is gearing up for its version of the Super Bowl with our annual pre-Valentine’s Day trip to South America. Tom Royer, our senior vice president and chief operating officer, has been making […]

  • ‘Freedom’ on the march when it comes to roses

    We’ve all heard the line from Shakespeare: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose/By any other name would smell as sweet.” Far be it for us to quibble with “The Bard,” but names do matter when it comes to distinguishing among rose […]

  • Lebanon’s Neuin wins our latest name-the-arrangement contest

    Jennifer Neuin’s entry was one of 675 submitted in Royer’s latest name-the-arrangement contest. But it ranked first overall when the judging was complete. Neuin, of Lebanon, won the contest with her submission of “White Satin” as the moniker for our new European-style arrangement. It comes […]

  • Name-the-arrangement contest: Part 2

    Spring forward, fall back. To name a new arrangement, Royer’s Flowers & Gifts is going back to a method that worked well this summer: turning to the public for help. Royer’s has developed a new European-style arrangement that will be offered year-round. It comes in […]

  • 5 ways for children to celebrate National Grandparents Day

    Marian McQuade was an expert in grandparenting. A West Virginia mother of 15, she had 43 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren. If McQuade’s name doesn’t ring a bill, her work no doubt will. She was the founder of National Grandparents Day, which President Jimmy Carter signed […]