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Homecoming flower trends: Royer’s visits Fox 43


Fox 43's Heather Warner with Barry Spengler of Royer's.
Fox 43’s Heather Warner with Barry Spengler of Royer’s.

Fox 43 Morning News’ Heather Warner figures she has a decade until she has to worry about homecoming dances in her household.
But she talked about current homecoming flower trends this morning as she welcomed Barry Spengler of Royer’s to Fox 43’s York studio.
“The newest thing this year … the guys are getting flowers when they ask the lady to the homecoming dance,” he said.
He noted that Royer’s Carlisle store had seen 20 to 25 young men (or in some cases, their mothers) come in to buy flowers in advance of asking girls out. Handing Warner a hand-held rose bouquet, Barry said: “I think it’s one of those things when you ask somebody, you hand them something, it takes the anxiety out of it.”
Warner said: “You can’t say no if they present this, can you?”
Barry quipped, “It’s almost bribery.”
Warner: “I think so. That would have made it awfully tough” to say no.
Other trends Barry touched on:


Barry eased a ring corsage onto the right hand of Warner, who marveled:
“The day of the corsage with the little rubber band are gone. Very cool.”


Barry demonstrated a snap bracelet on Warner’s arm, explaining where the corsage attaches.
“A lot of the seniors, it’s their last homecoming, they’re saying, ‘I want a little keepsake after the dance,’ ” Barry said. “So they’re getting something in a bracelet like that for after the fact … . And even little trinkets; there’s little butterflies that you can save for after the fact, too.”


“There is no wrong with bling,” Barry said. “Anything with color, pop, snap. Bright is the thing.”
For instance, he offered a silver bracelet with dendrobium orchids and jewels. Another bracelet featured orange flowers and acorns — to go with a camouflage dress.
“Now, anything goes,” Barry said. “Just don’t get anxiety over the flowers. Just get what you think works.”
Click here to watch the entire segment.

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