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Five Valentine’s Day options for below $50

Love is in the air. And don’t you forget it.
Barry Spengler, Royer’s vice president of operations, visited Fox 43 today to remind viewers that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. In fact, it’s just one week away.
“With this ugly weather, everybody’s hankering for some spring,” Barry told Fox 43’s Amanda McCall. “This is a way to do it. So don’t forget Valentine’s Day.”
Barry quashed the notion that Valentine’s Day flowers have to involve big bucks. He got to the heart of the matter with five options for below $50 each:
1. Single rose: $5; “So let’s say it’s a father looking for Mom, a couple kids … . That happens a lot,” Barry said.
2. Flower handful: $5 to $10; “Some people are a little less traditional. They like tulips. We sell a lot of tulips over the holiday.”
3. Single rose with bear: $15 to $18; “Really cute. That’s a great thing for a kid, as well.”
4. Mixed bunch: $15 to $20; Barry noted that these easily can be dropped in a vase: “Most people have vases around the house.”
5. Dozen rainbow roses: $40; “They’re just mixed-color roses. We put them in a vase. We do have a little better price than red roses because [the non-red] colors are a little less expensive at this holiday.”
As an added bonus, Barry noted, Royer’s is offering an incentive to encourage customers to have their Valentine’s Day orders delivered by Feb. 13: The recipient will get a coupon for a free dozen-rose bouquet.

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