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The making of our Valentine’s Day TV commercial

Of course, we’ll deliver roses to thousands of homes and businesses this Valentine’s Day. But we’ll reach an even bigger audience with our new television commercial.
Greg Royer, our president and CEO, worked with Len Smith of Turning Point Media to develop the 30-second spot, which we shot in January at Genesius Theatre in Reading.

“The concept of the commercial recounts that moment when sparks ignite between two people,” Len explained. “Although our scenario depicted two young, aspiring actors at the local community theatre, it could be interpreted as one’s own memories. Both the guy and girl have ‘had eyes’ for each other, but this is the first moment they have truly connected in a romantic moment.”

Setting the scenes

Len continued: “The guy has bought flowers and arranged an impromptu picnic with all the right romantic touches, candle light and, of course, roses.”
After a casting call held at the theater, we selected two actual young, aspiring actors, Hanna Weiss and Joe Swaggerty.
“Most commercials that I shoot follow a written script,” Len said. “Then the visuals typically illustrate the ideas in the audio. In this case there was no such script.”
He developed the basic idea in his “mind’s eye,” Len said, but he didn’t want to leave anything to chance or “extemporaneous “inspiration” given the need to be efficient with time and costs.
“I knew the basic flow of the action that I wanted to have happen, but felt I needed to map it our scene by scene to make sure we got everything I needed when it came time to editing,” he said.
Hence, the sketchbook.
Len, left, and Greg Royer review the photography on a laptop.
Here’s the answer to the question you might ask when you see the finished spot: How did they make it rain rose petals on the young couple? Len, a ladder and a box of rose petals.

Seeing the completed commercial

Now, put these and other scenes together and you have our commercial. Enjoy!

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