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Fox 43: spring and Easter flowers

Fox 43 Morning News' Amy Lutz and Royer's Barry Spengler.
Fox 43 Morning News’ Amy Lutz and Royer’s Barry Spengler.

It was another egg-cellent visit to Fox 43 Morning News for Barry Spengler, our vice president of operations. He joined host Amy Lutz to discuss spring and Easter flowers and plants.
“Winter’s kind of getting out of the way,” Barry said, “and let’s get some spring.”
Among the highlights:

  • With hyacinth and tulips, the plants sometimes are immature when you get them. Just give them three to five days to develop. “Don’t be afraid of them,” Barry said, “… you’ll see them open up in the home. So just be patient.”
  • Unlike in the fall, a mum this time of year is not a hardy mum. “So enjoy it inside, you can put it on your porch for the summer,” Barry said. “But don’t put it in the ground, it will die for next year.”
  • Easter lilies and calla lilies offer a nice fragrance and can be planted outside but should be kept in a protected area, such as near your home.
  • With bulb plants, once their blooms are “shot,” let the foliage die back into the bulb. This will provide nutrients that will strengthen the bulb. “Over the summer, you can just let that dry in the pot, plant it in the fall, and you’ll see them next year,” Barry said.

Here’s the entire segment:

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