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4 steps to creating your prom corsage

Another school year is winding down, but not before the return of prom season.
Erica Bixby, Royer’s store manager in Lebanon, visited Fox 43 Morning News today to discuss prom corsages and boutonnieres with Amy Lutz. Erica boiled the process down to four easy steps, with help from Amy.
1. “You always want to start with your bracelet,” Erica said, noting that the options range from sparkly to the classic pearl style that Amy selected. “Blues and blush colors and creams are really popular this year.”
2. Next comes the base ribbon, which helps to keep the flowers in place. It can remain white or be sprayed a color; Amy chose gold.
“Depending on your dress, you want to kind of match the dress,” Erica said. “It’s always better to complement. And we’ll spray that just to give it a little pop of color.”
3. For flowers, options include sweetheart roses, dendrobium orchids, daisies, mini carnations with accent flowers (babies breath, delphinium florets, caspia, statice). Amy opted for white sweetheart roses, which Erica said are the most popular choice. “We go through a lot of white sweethearts this time of year,” she said.
4. Erica suggested adding “a pop” of fancy ribbon (silver or gold) or some sparkle (gems, rhinestones, pearls).
For a finishing touch: a light spray of glitter.
Of course, the guy’s boutonniere should match his date’s corsage.
“So maybe we’ll do two sweetheart roses with the gold ribbon,” Erica suggested.
This year, Royer’s added a “corsage builder” section on its website. For the less adventurous, pre-styled corsages and boutonnieres are available, too.
And if you’re not quite sure or want some hands-on help, you can always visit a Royer’s store.
“We’re here to help,” Erica said.

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