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Fox 43 appearance: (home)coming attractions

Homecoming can be a nervous time for high school students.
Never mind asking someone to the dance; it can take real courage when it comes to choosing your date’s corsage or boutonniere. Rest assured, Royer’s is here to help.
That was part of the message shared today by Erica Bixby of Royer’s when she visited Fox 43 Morning News. Erica and host Amy Lutz discussed homecoming stalwarts and newer options.
“There’s a lot of fun things that are trending this year,” Erica said. “There’s floral prints. Our most popular colors are navy, blush, burgundy, those pretty fall colors.  …
“If you’re not sure what color the dress is, that’s OK. Our most popular one is very simple, it’s white sweetheart roses with babies breath. And, of course for the guy, we’ll always do the matching boutonniere.”
Among the changes Royer’s has witnessed, Erica said, is corsages with one big flower, such as a mini gerbera. It’s a trend she described as “fun and flirty.”

‘Every one is different’

Standard corsages start with a white ribbon but can be spray painted (she demonstrated with green) to match a dress color. A variety of ribbons, bracelets and rhinestones can be added, as can, of course, a rainbow of flowers to make for a one-of-a-kind look.
“It’s really like artwork,” Amy said.
“And every one is different,” Erica said, “which makes it fun.”
As an alternative to a corsage, Erica suggested a hand-tied bouquet, such as the one she held up featuring sunflowers, solidago, mini green hydrangeas, Italian ruscus, and seeded eucalyptus with a burlap bow.
Erica noted that it’s a good idea to consider a date’s mother, too, at homecoming.
“It’s always good to bring mom some flowers,” Erica said, holding a rose bouquet.
“And that’s [true] for the guy or girl,” Amy said.
“Or if somebody’s hosting for pictures, it’s always nice to bring them a little something.”
To view the segment, click here.
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