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4 Occasions Where Flowers Make the Perfect Gift

The gift of flowers is always a welcome breath of fresh air for the recipient. Flowers make excellent gifts for many different occasions and can be the perfect choice whether you’re giving a gift to a casual acquaintance or a close loved one. Here are just a few times when flowers make a great gift:
Who doesn’t love to get a bouquet of flowers on their birthday? A bright arrangement of flowers is a celebration of having someone in your life. When it comes to birthdays, flowers make a thoughtful gift for a co-worker, but they’re equally special when they come from a close family member or friends. When you’re not sure what to get someone for their birthday, think flowers.
Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day is the time that florist sell the most flowers. Of course, roses are Valentine’s standard, but you aren’t limited to them for this occasion. If your significant other has a favorite flower, a gorgeous bouquet of his or her chosen blooms is every bit as romantic as standard red roses.
Coming to the end of a career is a major achievement, and flowers are a good way to mark the occasion. Let the retiree know how highly you regard his or her accomplishment by giving the retiree a bright bunch of tulips or a mixed arrangement featuring daises, carnations, and more.
An anniversary is a time for you to show your loved one how appreciated he or she is and to celebrate your ability to stick together as a team through whatever life throws at you. It’s not just women who can receive flowers on an anniversary. Flowers can also be a special gift for a man, especially when you choose flowers in yellow, red, and other less feminine shades.
There’s hardly an occasion that can’t be made more memorable with flowers. To order flowers and for help selecting the perfect arrangement, call Royers Flowers & Gifts at (717) 273-2683. We have a huge selection of top-quality flowers and can add on vases, gift baskets, and more. Contact us to place your order today.

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