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Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

After your dress, your wedding flowers are one of the biggest style decisions you will make for your ceremony. Your flowers can do so much to set the tone for your wedding, from making it feel casual or formal to dictating the color scheme that is used for your table settings and cake. For most brides, the real trouble with wedding flowers is that there are so many options that it is nearly impossible to narrow down the choices. If you can’t decide which flowers to order for your ceremony, these tips will help:
Consider Your Budget
There are beautiful blooms to be had for every wedding budget, but it’s helpful to have your bottom line in mind when you shop for wedding flowers. Knowing what you can spend will let you rule in and rule out certain types of flowers. It will also get you thinking about the sizes of the arrangements you need, which will influence the types of flowers you should choose.
View Your Options
A little inspiration from other weddings will help you decide what kinds of arrangements you like and which ones won’t work for your wedding. Plus, wedding flowers can be so much more than a simple bouquet. Seeing what florists have done for other weddings may open your mind to opportunities you didn’t even know existed.
Think Seasonal
One way to approach your wedding design is to embrace the season. Flowers in fall colors like orange, yellow, and red can be beautiful at an autumn wedding, while pinks and purples are great for spring nuptials. You can also build your arrangements using flowers that are in bloom during the time of year you’re holding your wedding. Not only is this idea a nice design trick, but it will also help you save money, since flowers in season are less expensive.
At Royers Flowers & Gifts, we can help you choose the perfect wedding flowers from our extensive collection. Call us at (717) 273-2683 for advice on building wedding flower arrangements and to place an order.

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