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How to Choose the Right Vase for Your Flower Arrangement

You can have the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers in the world, but if you choose the wrong vase, you won’t be able to enjoy their beauty. Sticking flowers in a vase that doesn’t fit can look awkward and sloppy and lessen their impact. Selecting the right vase comes down to considering the size and shape of your blooms.
In this video, learn which kinds of vases work best with which flowers. You’ll learn that tall and slender vases work great for long-stemmed flowers, while a small, round vase is perfect for short-stemmed varieties. Mixed arrangements call for a wide, heavy vase. You will also get tips for working with a single flower and what to do if you cut your stems too short.
At Royer’s Flowers & Gifts, we can match the perfect vase with our stunning arrangements, taking the guess work out of the process. Call us at (717) 769-1413 to learn about our selection and to place an order.

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