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4 Tips for Caring for Your East Bulb Plant

For many, the Easter bulb flower, also commonly known as the Easter lily, is the pride of the season. These large, trumpet-shaped white flowers carry a sweet fragrance and are impressive to look at. Caring for your Easter lily is not very difficult. Ask your florist for tips when you purchase your plant, and follow these recommendations:

  1. Water Regularly, But Not Too Much
    The soil of your Easter lily should stay evenly damp at all times, but not sopping wet. Over-watering can be a bigger problem than under-watering, since it puts the plant at risk of developing root rot. Insert a finger about an inch deep into the soil daily. If it is moist, there is no need to water. If it is dry, give water and allow the container to drain thoroughly. Never let plants sit in pooled water.
  2. Provide Light, But Stay Away From Heat 
    Easter lilies prefer bright, indirect sunlight to grow and bloom at their prime. Avoid placing your plant close to heat sources, such as electronic devices or in the path of heating ducts. Temperatures ranging from 65 to 75 degrees are ideal. Avoid placing your flowers directly in windows; choose a table or counter below a window instead.
  3. Give it a Good Grooming
    You can prolong the longevity of your Easter lily’s flowers by removing the pollen pods, called anthers, in the center of each flower. Simply grasp the pods and gently pull them away. Try to catch these before they begin to open to avoid dropping pollen on the petals or staining your fingers.
  4. Save it For Next Year
    Since Easter lilies are bulb plants, they will come back year after year if you plant them outdoors. You’ll be pleased to see your Easter lily popping up just in time for next Easter.

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