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How Having a Foliage Plant in Your Home Benefits Your Air Quality

Having flowers and plants in your home is a wonderful way to enjoy the beauty of nature indoors. In fact, foliage plants can actually contribute to your indoor air quality. Take a look at nature’s original air filter!
Plants Have to Breathe, Too!
Just like all living things, flowers and plants breathe air in order to survive. Granted, the process is a bit different due to the lack of lungs in plants, but plants do take in carbon dioxide in a process called photosynthesis. Tiny holes on the underside of leaves, known as stomata, actually open and close to allow the uptake of air, as well as to prevent the plant from losing too much moisture.
Plants Breathe Opposite of Us
While humans and animals breathe in oxygen and exchange it for carbon dioxide, plants do the exact opposite. Since the product of photosynthesis—what the plant breathes out—consists basically of pure oxygen, the air quality of any space they inhabit improves tremendously. This is not to say, however, that a plant does not use oxygen as well. When plants are not making food, they do use oxygen and expel carbon dioxide, most usually at night when there is a lack of light that makes photosynthesis possible.
As they breathe, plants can also filter out pollutants in the air. Some plants, such as ivy, bamboo palm, and peace lilies, are more efficient at air filtering than other plants, but any foliage plant can be beneficial in the home to some degree. So, the next time you see a plant and think it’s only good as an interior décor piece, remember that they are also an inexpensive, self-renewing, very effective air filter.
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