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How to Plan for Ordering Wedding Flowers

The perfect wedding day often belies the months of preparation and decision-making that go into making it that way. Wedding flowers are no exception. Planning a wedding requires picking out a bridal bouquet, boutonnières, centerpieces, and more. However, florists can make this process all the easier for the happy couple. No matter your personal taste or budget, a florist can make your special day memorable with beautiful wedding flowers. When selecting a florist for your nuptials, be sure to ask yourself the following questions ahead of time.
What kind of flowers do I want?
Wedding flowers come in all styles and shades, so it’s up to each bride and groom to select the arrangement that best reflects their individuality. Do you want the classic elegance of calla lilies? Are you throwing a whimsical affair better suited for gerbera daises? Whatever your personal flair, floristscan help you select the wedding flowers that will show it off.
How will I be using my floral arrangements?
The most common use for wedding flowers is the bridal bouquet. Many times, the bridesmaid flowers will mirror that of the bride, as will the groom and groomsmen’s boutonnières. Other floral arrangements to consider are the altar flowers, chair decorations, and the reception centerpieces. Florists can make sure that all floral pieces are accounted for and elegantly assembled so that they present a coherent vision for your wedding. Instead of trying to take care of all floral arrangement details yourself, let an experienced florist do it for you.
What is my budget?
Wedding experts advise brides and grooms to set aside eight percent of their total wedding budget for the floral arrangements, and florists can make sure that budget doesn’t balloon out of control. Once you inform your florist of your budget, you can plan together how to hit that target. Florists can determine which floral pieces are essential and which can be simplified. Florists can also help with choosing alternate arrangements that may be less expensive than your original selections.
If you’re planning a wedding, Royer’s Flowers & Gifts can provide beautiful and affordable floral arrangements for your special day. Our 17 south central Pennsylvania locations offer a wide selection of wedding flowers for every budget. To speak with one of our experienced florists, please call (717) 769-1413.

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