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Save Money, Support Local Business

Supporting local business is essential for the economic and environmental prosperity of America. Local business success is good for everyone involved, from the owner to vendors to you, the customer. When you support local florists, grocers, restaurateurs, and other entrepreneurs, you put more money back into the local economy and your pocketbook.
Supporting local business means lower prices.
Unbeknownst to most customers, national chains must mark up their prices to account for their large infrastructures. When you pay for roses from a faceless corporation or gift baskets from a nationwide business, you’re not just paying for that item; you’re paying for the additional costs that go into shipping those wares to the store, the fees that factor into the company’s marketing strategies, and even the price of the CEO’s personal expenditures. Local businesses don’t have those added expenses. When you buy from a local business, what you see is what you get. You won’t be paying for anything other than the service or product you want.
Supporting local business creates more jobs.
By supporting local business, you may be creating a job for your neighbor. When you buy from neighborhood florists, you might be giving those in your area the chance to provide for their families. When your community is healthy and thriving, it means less money is needed for unemployment services. It can also translate into less crime and poverty, which means less tax money is required to combat these problems. In the end, both your neighborhood and your bank account benefit.
Supporting local business reduces our carbon footprint.
Local businesses like working with local vendors. Not only does it cost less to work with other area entrepreneurs, but also it means less natural resources are needed for transportation expenses. Not only will you be saving the environment when you buy local wedding flowers, groceries, or other desired wares, but you also will be benefiting from the savings passed on from the business to you.
Royer’s Flowers & Gifts has 17 south central Pennsylvania locations that offer customers the best quality floral arrangements and gift baskets. Our florists can provide beautiful wedding flowers, holiday flowers, and sympathy flowers to suit every style and budget. To learn more about our services, or to speak with one of our friendly representatives, please call (717) 769-1413.

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