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Understanding the Use of Floral Preservatives

Fresh flowers such as tulips, roses, lilies, and daisies are a beautiful way to add brightness and cheer to any day. However, unfortunately, these cut flowers won’t last forever. Luckily, floral preservatives can help flowers to last longer than they otherwise would, so that you can get the most enjoyment out of your fresh arrangements.
• What Are Floral Preservatives?
Floral preservatives are a careful mixture of substances that cut flowers need to survive after having been removed from their main plants. Floral preservatives usually come in either a liquid or dissolvable powder form.
• How Do Floral Preservatives Work?
When a flower stem is cut from its mother plant, all access to water and food is severed. Placing the flower in water and providing the appropriate amount and type of light can help the flower to survive for a time, but without a source of food, this time is generally very short.
Flower preservatives are basically an artificial source of food for the flower. When added to the water, flowers are able to remain healthy and beautiful for a period of time. With proper care and an ideal environment, flowers given floral preservative can often survive for one to two weeks in their cut and arranged form, depending on the variety.
• Where Can I Find Floral Preservatives?
Most florists send their fresh flowers out in a floral preservative water mixture. However, when you add or change the water, the preservative is diluted or lost. Ask your florist about single packets of floral preservatives to use after you have changed your flowers’ water.
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