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What Flowers Are Appropriate for Sympathy?

Sending sympathy flowers to a family during their time of loss has long been considered a compassionate and caring gesture. If you’ve never sent sympathy flowers, however, it may be difficult to know what is appropriate.
Generally speaking, there is no inappropriate flower to use for sympathy arrangements. There are flowers that are traditionally considered to be more feminine as well as those that seem more masculine. However, when arranged by a skilled and experienced florist, nearly any flower will look elegant and appropriate for its intended purpose.
• The Right Color
For women, many people like to use pastel flowers such as tulips, pink or white lilies, roses, or carnations. For men, bold colors, such as the deep reds you’d find in roses or stargazer lilies, and purples and blues, like that of iris and delphinium, are often preferred. White sympathy flowers are appropriate for both genders and can make for an exceptionally elegant arrangement.
• The Right Arrangement
Sympathy flowers can range from large, standing pieces, such as sprays, wreaths, and custom arrangements, to small centerpieces or budvases that the family can take home with them. Plants are popular, and you can have fresh flowers added to them if you’d like to send something that will last longer.
• The Right Size
In general, the more people listed on the card, the larger the arrangement should be. Sympathy flowers from companies are typically large standing pieces or large green plants. Family members not in the immediate family often prefer sending one large piece together rather than several smaller arrangements. However, there aren’t too many options that would be considered inappropriate.
If you would like some help picking out the best sympathy flowers for your situation, contact us at Royer’s Flowers and Gifts. We will be happy to help guide you in your floral selection. Call (717) 769-1413 for more information.

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